starting using Sass and Compass

What will Sass and Compass do for me? With Sass and Compass you can generate optimised css output to use on your webprojects. It will take your .sass or .scss source files and compile browser readable CSS for you. Since Compass helps a lot with handling other assets than just CSS, we’ll be using it […]

HTTP/2 Server Push with Node.js

Node.js 8.4.0 just arrived with the experimental support of HTTP/2, which you can enable by using the –expose-http2 flag. In this blog post, we will introduce the most important aspects of HTTP/2 Server Push and create a small Node.js app that gains benefit from using it. About HTTP/2 The primary goals for HTTP/2 are to […]

PHP 7.1 is released – Featuring nullable types, class constants..

PHP 7.1 is now released – Featuring nullable types, class constants… Today, the PHP team has released 7.1.0 that includes new features such as Nullable types, Void return type, Class constant visibility modifiers, and more. Here is a quick overview of some of the new features. Nullable Types This adds a leading question mark indicate […]

Getting Started with Sass

Sass are backwards compatible so you can easily convert your existing CSS files into Sass just by renaming the .css file extension to .scss. Sass is Ruby based but you don’t have to know anything about either language or use the command line to compile the files into CSS. There are various apps, free and […]

php-7 new features, improvements, and benchmark

PHP 7.1 released on December 2015, still there are changes/fixes in progress with current version being PHP 7.0.13 (change log 7.0.13) No doubt PHP development is easy, with PHP 7 it has become more developer friendly, 2x faster performance and 50% better memory consumption than PHP 5.6. In turn it allows to server more concurrent […]

Installing Phalcon on Mac OS X Using MAMP

If you haven’t heard about Phalcon yet, it’s amazing. I chose Phalcon because I recently started a project that had to be spun up quickly with little learning curve and low overhead. Preparation If you view Phalcon’s Installation Instructions, there’s not much to follow if you’re a Mac user. At least not if you’re like me and have […]