php-7 new features, improvements, and benchmark

PHP 7.1 released on December 2015, still there are changes/fixes in progress with current version being PHP 7.0.13 (change log 7.0.13) No doubt PHP development is easy, with PHP 7 it has become more developer friendly, 2x faster performance and 50% better memory consumption than PHP 5.6. In turn it allows to server more concurrent […]

Installing Phalcon on Mac OS X Using MAMP

If you haven’t heard about Phalcon yet, it’s amazing. I chose Phalcon because I recently started a project that had to be spun up quickly with little learning curve and low overhead. Preparation If you view Phalcon’s Installation Instructions, there’s not much to follow if you’re a Mac user. At least not if you’re like me and have […]